Camino Calling

Our workshops are more popular than they've ever been. A lot of the people who come to them stay in touch with us with updates about their preparation or to talk about their journey when they return from Spain. Some people come to a workshop out of curiosity and leave with a newfound intention to walk a Camino. The movie 'The Way' seems to have introduced the Camino to many who would otherwise never have heard of it. While the scenery and the many pilgrim conversations in that movie are a pretty realistic reflection of the Camino, the sprightly steps of Martin Sheen and the others as they walk into Santiago de Compostela definately make the trek look easier than it is. Our workshops look at the terrain and weather in all its wonder and difficulty - and hopefully encourage would-be pilgrims to work on their fitness, choose their gear carefully and embark on this long-distance trek with 'steady as she goes' attitude.