I'm back in touch

Well, it's been a quiet year or two. I haven't stopped running Camino workshops in Melbourne, or meeting people who are interested in the Camino, or talking at bookstores about  'A Slow Walk Across Spain', but I HAD stopped writing my blog for this website.

Things have settled down after a run of major events - basically, a new house (the vegie patch is planted so I can say we're settled in) and two new hips. No, no, I didn't wear them out walking the Camino. Long story, but found out I've always had hip dysplasia (just like old Labradors) and they finally wore out. I had my one year follow up with my surgeon yesterday and he gave me the all clear to ride my bike and walk another camino. Maybe that's why I've come back to this blog. I know that a camino is back on the planning list.

It's been interesting though - the whole process of being bed and chair bound and those months of regaining strength and movement - all felt like a kind of camino in themselves.

A couple of days ago we returned from ten days in the Flinders Ranges. I tried out my titanium joints on a 15km hike through those awe-inspiring ranges. All good. Nothing more than a nice stiffness in the quads. I couln't be happier - or more grateful for my new mobility. I hope I never take the simple act of walking for granted again.