SLOWING DOWN: walking the Camino as an inner journey.

For most of us, stepping outside of our usual life means slowing down.

Although you’ll probably be ramping up your daily physical exercise on the Camino, your mind will have no option but to do the opposite – to do less. This is not how most people live – especially in cities. Generally speaking, we tend to have an overworked mind and an underworked body.

Unless we practice meditation, we don’t often stop to ‘watch’ our minds as they chatter away incessantly, so we’re not aware of just how relentless (and often negative) our self-talk is. On the Camino, a lot of time is spent just walking. As our focus turns more to putting one foot in front of the other, our minds naturally begin to slow down and to let go of habitual worries.

This gift of letting go of worry for a long stretch and just focusing on the body is something that we can apply to everyday life.